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13 February 2017 @ 04:36 am
EDITION #1679 – FEBRUARY 12, 2017  
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camelot_drabble: Reminder!
merlinreverse: Art Preview: Secondary Claims
merlinreverse: Secondary Claims Post [OPEN]

Fanfic: In Progress
[M/A] schweet_heart: We Need to Talk About Merlin (2) (G) 1300
Merlin has a new boyfriend. Morgana doesn't like him. Somehow, Arthur winds up stuck in the middle.
[M/A] GenerallyDisinterested: Hostile Work Environment (1/?) (NR) 2080
Arthur is as disappointed at the blatant idiocy of his new assistant as Merlin is frightened that his boss may actually be the spawn of satan. What's really troublesome is why they can't stop thinking about each other.
[M/A] GenerallyDisinterested : Don't Let Them Break You (1/?) (NR) 2198
Though sorcery is now legal, it's still dangerous and needs to be figured out. Morally corrupt scientists and crooked politicians have worked together to come up with an idea - human testing. They need to take sorcerers apart and see what makes them tick. Thanks to a generous donation from Pendragon Corporation, they now have all the materials to do so.
[M/A] Levi_Rivaille933012: Wizard's Secret (2) (PG-13) 1928
Camelot is still under the rule of King Uther and he tries to destroy all magic since it was the cause of his wife's death years ago when Arthur was born. What he doesn't know is what Arthur picked up on his way into the world. Arthur worries for the fate of all the Wizards and Witches in the world be he can't let his father know of his worries. Then comes along a handsome young man who says some strange things because there was no way he would be beat by this man. Soon this man becomes an important person in his life. They are together so often that they start feeling things but neither of them want to accept that it's the real thing but when Arthur finds out his secret it could either be the end of them or the beginning especially since Merlin too, learns one that Arthur holds dear to himself.

Fanfic: Complete
[M/A] emrys_mk: Gwaine and Merlin's Pre-Date Primping (R) 1030
Gwaine helps Merlin get ready for his date with Arthur
[M/A] jelly_1andonly1: Shattered (G) 372
Merlin is a bit late to his date, luckily Arthur is feeling forgiving.
[M/A] jelly_1andonly1: Glitter, or nah? (PG-13) 483
Gwen gets ready for her blind date, but Merlin has a lil accident of his own
[M/A] bunnysworld: Feel (PG) 434
The lights go out on Valentine’s Day
[M/A] loopstagirl: Stood Up (PG-13) 1000
Arthur's date didn't go according to plan.
[M/A] digthewriter: All Too Familiar (PG) 345
Arthur goes on a blind date.
[M/A] DiasySnaps: Just Temporary (NR) 190
Merlin travels to the UK, from the country of Avalon to teach and travel in the UK, and has an interesting journey on the way.
[M/A] BloodyEnding: La La Kingdom (NR) 2740
This only exists because I wasn't physically able to watch the damn movie without applying Merlin and Arthur's faces on the protagonists' like in those horrific photoshopped gifs.
[M/A] Rawks: What You Get For Saving Me (NC-17 2512
Arthur Pendragon is a citizen who won't stay out of trouble. Emrys is a super hero who keeps saving his fabulous arse, after Arthur broke up with his alias Merlin a while ago. It feels wrong, but also very right. However, Arthur has plans that twists it all around.
[M/A] rotrude: The Royal Wedding (G) 5687
Camelot is a small European principality, so when the Prince gets married everyone participates, and has an opinion.
[M/A] rotrude: Rivalry on Ice (NC-17) 13879
Arthur and Merlin are rivals. Merlin and Arthur are figure skaters. Fact is there are two rivals but just only one Olympic gold medal.
[M/A] rotrude: Blank Canvas (NC-17) 6281
End of the nineteenth century Paris: impecunious artist Merlin meets rich Englishman Arthur Pendragon. Their love goes against family and convention. Based on a kmm prompt and my take on the Moulin Rouge theme.
[M/A] Loopstagirl: Riding Lessons (PG-13) 1002
Merlin has more than one secret he is keeping from Arthur.
[M/A] sksdwrld: The More You Know (G) 200
Merlin and Arthur hit the beach.
[M/A] SunatheTuna: Dainty (NC-17) 1926
The first time Arthur saw Merlin's pretty, dainty feet, he had a kink for them.
[M/A] schweet_heart: sparks from the fire (G) 1390
Merlin has been banished. Arthur wants him back. But it’s never going to be as easy as all that.
[M/A] Everyday Conversation: Everyday Conversation (NR) 214
A short conversation between Merlin and Arthur.

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Schweetheartschweet_heart on February 14th, 2017 03:33 am (UTC)
Whoops, I think Shattered is by jelly_1andonly1, not me :)
MXA Newsletter Editorsmxa_editors on February 14th, 2017 04:05 am (UTC)
Oops! Thank you! Fixed!