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13 February 2017 @ 08:55 pm
EDITION #1680 – FEBRUARY 13, 2017  
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merlinstills: Voting: Challenge 227
merlinstills: challenge 228: voting

rou: Mad Merlin
[info]merlocked18 : Colin Morgan (TLATD)
[info]merlocked18 : Masquerade!Merlin
[info]gj-fangirls : season 1 was the best season really

Fanfic: Complete
[M/A] eilonwy77: Turniphead in Love (PG) 1000
Arthur has a Valentine's surprise for Merlin.
[M/A] tari_sue: Celebrity Blind Date (NR) 1000
The things a prince has to do in the name of charity…
[M/A] SunatheTuna: My Bloody Valentine* (R) 1607
Everything was going well in Camelot. That is, until the king's consort/sorcerer was kidnapped. Arthur was so going on a rampage to get him back.
[M/A] Michaelssw0rd: Stand-in Valentine (PG-13) 4204
When Arthur's date does not show up on the Valentine's day dinner plans, he is stuck in an awkward spot. Thankfully, Merlin comes to his rescue.
[M/A] iamleavingthisfandom: ad astra (R) 5068
Arthur has been pining for Merlin for what seems like forever, but he doesn't want to ruin their friendship. As it turns out, all it takes is a wish. Or, rather, three of them.