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15 February 2017 @ 06:01 pm
EDITION #1681 – February 15, 2017  
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a_shot_of_brad: (no subject) [Gif of Bradley in Underworld 5]
a_shot_of_brad: (no subject) [Stills of Bradley in Underworld 5]

merlinstills: Challenge 226: Voting
merlinstills: Challenge 229: Negative Space + Text
camelot_drabble: Prompt # 249 Masterlist!
camelotremix: A Note To Our Participants about Matching!
merlinstills: Voting: Reminders

LFB72: How could you?*
[info]hattukissa: Merlin and Arthur at a magical masquerade ball
[info]casuallymestuff: Merthur modern!AU? Why not?
[info]merlocked18: Untitled - Merlin
[info]reineyday: good ol’ merthur doing the forehead thing because i love the forehead thing
[info]hattukissa: Coffee break. (Merlin thinks Arthur eating a donut is kind of cute.)
[info]elirwen: Happy Valentine’s day!
[info]peasgopopping: 14022017 valentine
[info]writingupsidedown: With these two i’m covered for valentine this year
[info]hattukissa: Working late at night… Aka more Merlin and Arthur as cops!
[info]16th-of-a-twigg: Morning Aesthetics

merlin_hotrecs: Rec: Rise Up like the Sun by SideStepping

Fanfic: In Progress
[M/A] katambrosius: If You'll Make Me* 1/2 (R) 431
For once Merlin does his job and serves Arthur a proper breakfast in bed. The problem? Arthur really needs to pee. Of course, Merlin knows that, and he has no plans to let Arthur get up any time soon.

Fanfic: Complete
[M/A] Anonymous: Drink a Little Drink* (NC-17) 1757
Arthur has everything he wants but it still isn't enough.
[M/A] Emrys MK (mk_malfoy): Gwaine and Merlin's Excellent Pre-Date Primping Adventures (R) 1036
Gwaine helps Merlin get ready for his date with Arthur.
[M/A] SkadiofWinter: Dance, Magic, Dance (PG-13) 1534
To jazz up their Valentine's, Arthur takes Merlin dancing.
[M/A] Samaria_Aurea: Angel* (PG-13) 2611
One day Merlin and the Knights are attacked and they are vastly outnumbered. Arthur ends up coming close to death and Merlin saves him. Will he regret it later though?
[M/A] katambrosius: Breaking the Rules* (NC-17) 1507
The door to the bathroom is open, and Merlin can see the toilet from where he paces in the hall. He want to close it, removing the reminder of his torment from his vision, but that will mean opening it again, which will waste time. Merlin has been waiting all day. Arthur sealed his bladder with his three favourite toys; a flexible cock plug, a chastity cage, and locked jeans - two locks he desperately needs undone - two locks for which he has no key. Well, he does have keys, for emergencies, but that would break the rules of the game, and Merlin loves this game.
[Pre-M/A] Zoe_Morgan: I become a hero (G) 1221
First time 2years 2months old Arthur met Merlin that little was in the cradle and just went out from the childbirth room at 1986 Jan 1.
[M/A] DigitalWitness: February 15th (14th) (G) 1404
Merlin really needs a Calendar.
[M/A] bunnysworld: Lucky sod (G) 364
Merlin doesn't love Arthur on Valentine's.
[M/A] brunettepet: Blindsided (PG-13) 612
Morgana sets Arthur up.
[M/A] intotheblue: Dear Arthur (G) 982
After Arthur's death, Merlin writes him letters.
[M/A] dhampir1508: Full Circle aka the best night of Merlin's life (PG-13) 520
Merlin's blind date is not who he expects.
[M/A] Loopstagirl: Love in Random Places (PG-13) 1002
Merlin can't figure out who his Valentine's card is from.
[M/A] destroyerofhearts: Arthur's Revenge (Your Song) (R) 3259
Determined to get Merlin back for the humiliating spectacle that was the previous Valentine's Day, Arthur plots his revenge.
But Merlin has a surprise in return.
[M/A+] digthewriter: The Night* (NC-17) 600
Mordred was on a date, until he got stolen away.
[M/A] dreammaidenn: Dinner with a Fan (PG) 1000
Merlin is nowhere ready for a dinner with his favorite actor.