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EDITION #2476 – OCTOBER 19, 2021

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a_shot_of_brad: Bradley's SM (18 Oct 2021) - Beautiful new B&W photo

[info]crystavee: Merlin baby:(

Mergin: [Podfic] A Truly Terrible Idea - by RecklessDreamer

Fanfic: In Progress
[M/A] Zaharya: My Breath In Your Lungs* (1/2) (R) 3989
After saving a human from drowning, Merlin is captured and imprisoned in a tank. When help finally arrives, things might just get worse instead of better.
[M/A] Introverted_Extrovert_99: Forgetful Warlocks and Lovestruck Kings (1/?) (NR) 6679
Merlin wakes up in a bed that he does not remember next to a man he is positive he’s never seen before in his life. Our favorite sorcerer is shocked (and incredulous) when he finds out that no, he did not accidentally sleep walk into the palace, and yes, he does actually know these people even if he has no recollection of them. Surprisingly enough he’s managed to forget almost the last decade of his life.
[M/A] threesidesofthesamepenny (oswinsdolma): A Second Chance At Dawn (1/?) (PG-13) 4953
It's been a year since the first protests against the ban on magic, and Merlin and the others have come a long way: magic has been decriminalised, and mages across the country are beginning to come out of hiding and express their identities. Merlin and Arthur are now in their second year at university, and Uther is on trial for the offences committed during his time in office. On the whole, it seems things might finally be beginning to look up for Merlin. But not everything is going as well as first appears: with increasing openness about magic, anti-mage sentiment is on the rise. Mordred has vanished off the face of the earth, and Scotland Yard are still no closer to apprehending the person- or people- behind the attack on London Bridge the previous year. And when the unexpected happens in the midst of Uther's trial, it seems it can only take the smallest thing to pull all they have built tumbling down.

Fanfic: Complete
[M/A] DeansBrokenHeart: Playing With Fire (NC-17) 5893
What if things take a much different direction after Merlin and Arthur's little fight in the market?
[M/A] OnceFutureEmrys: i will always support you (G) 831
Arthur is worried about how he'll tell his father about his and Merlin's relationship. He starts to think that Merlin deserves better but thankfully, Merlin is there for him.
[M/A] 50quid (hahahaharlequin): Darling, Darling (love me like I love you) (G) 1390
"Ever since that day, we've been partners in crime."
[M/A] rageynerd: it's a slow cinnamon summer (your spell's pulling me under) (G) 3274
Arthur asks around the castle for Merlin's whereabouts, but to his surprise and disdain, no one seems to know where he is-- or even care. This must be remedied immediately.
[M/A] HigherMagic: Faithful Knight, Patient Poet, Gentle King* (R) 9803
"I hope you live a long and happy life, Sire," Gwaine says, with a pitiful attempt at his usual tavern drawl that does nothing to hide his solemnity, his sincerity. Arthur's eyes betray nothing as he takes his seat at the head of his dining table and gestures for Gwaine to join him at his right side. Gwaine settles, and sighs, and says after another swallow of too-sweet wine, "And I hope that his and mine lasts just a little longer."
Gwaine is the villain in this part of the story. He accepted that a long time ago.
[M/A] King_of_camelxt_e: Art (PG-13) 972
The one where Merlin is just a depressed little shit. Which I mean fair enough, Arthur’s been dead for a few hundred years.
[M/A] 4Eirlys: The casually cruel act of Arthur Pendragon (G) 4874
In which Arthur is poisoned and so his greatest advocate uses magic to save his life.
[M/A] insane_falcon: spring fever (R) 4604
Merlin sneaks into the human world to enjoy the Beltane festivities. He has no idea what fate has in store for him.
[M/A] Wintumn: How to Woo (G) 2027
Arthur stumbled upon a guide called "How to Woo" whilst roaming through the library. After recently realizing that he liked Merlin, he decided to give the book a try.
The problem is he's not great at it. Well, Merlin is also very difficult to woo.
[M/A] 50quid (hahahaharlequin): Asinine Assumptions (G) 1707
One can only imagine just how much more of the world's quandaries Merlin decided to carry on his back. It was admirable, yes, but it also worries Arthur.
Especially if it concerns the knights, and accusing them of plotting an assassination on the King.
[M/A] Maralee: By the Assassin's Blade (G) 3590
An assassin tries to attack Arthur, but Merlin takes the blade. Merlin is left to recover with Arthur at his side.
[M/A] paintedpigeon: Trapped (G) 1017
Arthur meets a trapped selkie on a visit to his uncle.
[M/A] tehfanglyfish: A Nimble Tongue (R) 800
When Mithian visits Camelot, Arthur makes a diplomatic blunder. Fortunately, Morgana is able to repair relations between the two realms.
B/C 2

EDITION #2474 – OCTOBER 15, 2021

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camelot_drabble: Prompt #476 Masterlist!
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paintedpigeon: Turn Back The Night
digthewriter: [DIGITAL] Satisfaction Isn't In My Nature
[info]milktian: I gift a Merlin boy bc I am currently obsessed with this show
[info]fandom-found-my-art: modern merthur au

imissmycatsface: Fool Me Once by CaffeinatedFlumadiddle.(Podfic)

Fanfic: In Progress
[M/A] YulianaHenderson: Love Me When I Don't (1/?) (PG-13) 1663
Benjamin Manning and his partner Greg purchased Pennoyer Mansion in the hopes of flipping it and turning it into a profit. The estate has been relatively abandoned for many years, so the work is extensive. One Tuesday afternoon, they receive a mysterious stranger by the name of Merlin who claims to be the groundskeeper, although no evidence towards him actually doing any work in the house can be found. Will Benjamin be able to fathom out Merlin and his past? And what is up with the increasing feeling that there were other people in the house?
[M/A] paintedpigeon: Found you again (1/2) (PG-13) 2134
Arthur inclines his head a little and walks off down the corridor as the guard repeats his spiel at the next visitor, stopping at the entrance to the former throne room. He strolls inside, taking a complementary glass of wine and sipping it as he takes his seat. He's going to need alcohol to get through this.
He opens the booklet, carefully keeping the disgust off his face as he looks through the mugshots. Auctioning people off like prize farm animals, it's disgusting.
Three weeks ago, Merlin was lost on a mission. Now, infiltrating a slave auction, Arthur finds the last person he expects, triggering the discovery of something he'd rather not know. (Series: Part 10 of the Whumptober 2021 series)

Fanfic: Complete
[M/A] heartsocold: We’re taking on the world (together) (PG-13) 7686
“Who’s at the door?” Arthur’s voice calls as Merlin continues gaping, the color all but gone from his face. “Merlin?”
Arthur makes his way over and places his hand on Merlin’s shoulder, frowning at the lack of a reaction. He turns to face the woman standing on their front porch, knowing she’s responsible for Merlin’s reaction, “I’m sorry, you are?”
“Freya. My name is Freya,” The brunette whispers, her fingers interlocking nervously.
Arthur glances at her protruding stomach and suddenly, Merlin’s shock makes much more sense. (Series: Part 3 of the Domestic Bliss series)
[M/A] IrisPurpurea: "You keep me safe." (G) 147
Fictober 2021 Day 12. Prompt - "You keep me safe."
An exchange between Arthur and Merlin. (Series: Part 12 of the Fictober 2021 series)
[M/A] rageynerd: Lord, show me how to say no to this (Say! No!) (G) 1292
Merlin keeps bringing home stray animals, and it's driving Arthur up the wall. He is determined to tell Merlin no this time... but who could say no to that face?
[M/A] HigherMagic: Yes (NC-17) 1503
Wrath comes to him often when he meets with his father, and almost constantly as of late. It thrums across Arthur's bond with his mate, with gentle answering attempts to soothe him caressing his mind as his eyes land on the source of the hot food and the warm fire and the perfectly orderly room.
Arthur stares at him, and feels some of the tension melt because it always does when he's around Merlin. Merlin, who is so otherworldly and yet so human. Powerful and defiant and utterly lovely. Perfection made flesh. Magic made flesh.
Arthur loves him so very much.
[M/A] HypatiaofOhio: Stained Lips and Red Fingertips (at what point does one lose oneself) (NC-17) 1559
Merlin is passed around, quite secretively, by the knights of Camelot. Then Arthur finds out.
[M/A] galaxy_bee: To Fall In Love (G) 168
No summary.
[M/A] queerofthedagger: Liar, Liar, Tell Me You Want Me (R) 5000
Arthur bites back another sigh. Gwen already told them, smiling and unknowing, that they would have to share a room because the hotel was so booked already, and they wouldn’t mind, would they, after they had shared a room and a flat for so long at university?
He’d survive, somehow. They had shared a room and later a flat, after all. Maybe he hadn’t been a pathetic, pining mess back then, but there’d still be two beds, and it was only three nights.
Three weeks ago, Arthur ended their friends with benefits arrangement because he'd done what everyone tells you not to do and caught feelings. And alright, maybe he didn't exactly go about it in the best of ways, but he thinks having to share a bed with Merlin for three nights is a rather harsh punishment, even for karma's proportions.
[M/A] Merlioske, Sunfall_of_Ennien: Contort my beating heart (R) 6087
Arthur used to only bring back boredom from his yoga retreats. Leon was never amused by it. Leon had no idea how good he had it until Arthur brought back Pining.
Arthur sees Merlin doing Advanced Yoga and promptly falls arse over tit into a Pining Hell. (Series: Part 18 of the you Draw it, i Breathe it Words series)
[M/A] Noel803: Would You Let Me Die (R) 3581
What if Arthur was awake when Merlin reveals his magic to Uther’s ghost? Plus a few other minor changes to turn this scene into the hurt/comfort I desire. (Series: Part 11 of the Would You? series)
[M/A] MerthurAllure (Kirbymatsu): Trust is a Dangerous Game (NC-17) 711
Merlin and Arthur are tied up and at the mercy of a dirty bandit, but things aren’t exactly as they seem. (Series: Part 10 of the Kirby Tries Whumptober 2k21 series)
[M/A] Sorceressofdragons: Arthur Could Use a Little Bit of Hair Pulling (R) 1376
A tall, dark haired stranger overhears Arthur complaining about a bad date pulling his hair. He steps up to the plate to show Arthur how it should be done.
[M/A] maevedarcy: A Tale As Old As Time (PG-13) 3256
“Arthur! You won’t believe who I just made out with!”
He’s pretty sure he’ll believe it alright, Gwaine has made out with almost the entirety of London (including Arthur himself) so whoever it was, it won’t surprise him.
“Who?” he asks.
(Or the one where Arthur and Merlin are both oblivious idiots who thought the other was in love with someone else.)
[M/A] Mickey_Todoroki: Hell's Coming With Me (PG-13) 1672
Based on the song Hell's Coming With Me by Poor Man's Poison. A sorcerer gets banished from Camelot, so in his rage-fueled vengeance, he creates a plan. (Series: Part 2 of the Poor Man's Poison Songs series)
[M/A] KellyDrake6: Show Off (PG-13) 708
Arthur tries to show off his sword skills to try and impress merlin. (Series: Part 8 of the Merlin Fluffalooza 2021 series)
[M/A] IrisPurpurea: "Your information was wrong." (PG-13) 651
Fictober 2021 Day 14. Prompt - "Your information was wrong."
“Why are you here? You are not meant to have completed your mission yet.”
“And I won’t. I’ve come here to refuse it.”
AU where Merlin was raised by Kilgharrah to kill the Pendragons. (Series: Part 14 of the Fictober 2021 series)
[M/A] Lawless_bard: Chapter Eleven - The Reunion (PG-13) 2777
A plan is formed to destroy Lady Isabelle's memory spell over the inhabitants of Camelot, but when do plans involving magic in Camelot ever work out?
[M/A] EmrysOfStorybrooke: Make You Feel My Love (G) 2086
“What the hell do you mean I was your first love?!” Arthur shouted, crowding into Merlin’s space even as Merlin backed away, holding his hands out in front of him in a futile attempt to placate Arthur’s fuming.
Or, Merlin tries to be romantic and Arthur blows things out of proportion. Merlin comforts him and there are lots of feelings.
[M/A] AspiringAuthor29: Dancing in the dark, with you between my arms (G) 845
"What're you doing?"
"What does it look like we're doing Merlin?" Arthur answered, but there was barely any hint of his usual teasing tone.
"I meant why are we dancing?" (Series: Part 1 of the Merthur Song Lyric Fics series)
[M/A] queerofthedagger: Truth Like Blood Underneath Your Fingernails (PG-13) 2800
After Arthur found out about his magic, Merlin had given up on the belief that there weren’t any secrets left to unearth about Arthur. He likes the idea, likes how it allows him to keep paying attention, how Arthur can still surprise him.
Some things, though, he wishes he did not have to discover if only for Arthur not having to bear them in the first place.
Five times Merlin learns something about Arthur that no one else knows, and one time Arthur proves that he has been watching Merlin just as closely. (Series: Part 28 of the Merlin Stories series)
[M/A] illiterateowl: watching (R) 1076
When Arthur had said “anytime”, he thought it wouldn't actually mean anything, that they wouldn't do this again and he wouldn't just randomly kiss his best friend the next time someone checked him out.
And yet, after that incident, it just so happened that there were many people watching Merlin when they walked together and Arthur decided to take full advantage.
or, your usual "kiss me to make them go away."
[M/A] Judin: All dressed up (G) 809
It's a beautiful day for chasing your knights around the practice field.
[M/A] LoverofMidnight: My Spidey-senses are tingly (G) 856
Merlin gave Gaius a worried glance as he finished bandaging up the last knight. He could feel the itch to get out of there and do something. He should have been there with Arthur, not stuck in here looking after the injured. (Series: Part 7 of the Whumptober_2021 series)
[M/A] orphan_account: The one where Arthur says the most ridiculous things(It isn't his fault through) (G) 667
Arthur says the most ridiculous stuff while recovering from anesthesia.
[M/A] YouKeepMeRight: Rock me now in your gentle healing hands (PG-13) 1394
Merlin directed his gaze back to the sky outside the window, for the sound of rain had always had a calming effect on his nerves. He did as the doctor ordered, and waited.
Less than ten minutes later, Lancelot reappeared next to Merlin. “Bad news,” he said.
Written for Merlin Fluffalooza, prompt: Arthur says the most ridiculous stuff while recovering from anaesthesia.
[M/A] fahayze: you had a grip on my heart (and you still haven't let it go) (R) 1159
Merlin didn't know death could hurt so much.
He didn't know how Arthur still managed to cling onto his heart when it was already a few broken pieces.
He didn't know pain like this until Arthur was gone.
[M/A] Aeris444, Leandra: Of Love and Cacti (R) 5648
March 2020, 25: Lockdown is announced in the UK and Camelot Communication is hired for a big awareness campaign to make people stay at home and inside their social bubbles.
Arthur, the assigned project manager, isn't to happy to be working with farely new creative artist Merlin on the campaign, and vice versa.
Things move fast when you're working together closely (even though virtually) and over the course of one lockdown, they establish common ground, break some rules, save some cacti and find, that social distancing can actually bring people closer together.
[M/A] ladyalbion: And the Moon will witness life (PG-13) 2180
Once a year, when the hands of the clock mark the beginning of Samhain, the spirits that dwell around Camelot's castle return to life for several hours, dancing in the training area. Or at least that's what the stories say. The King and the Court Sorcerer go to see if it's true.
[M/A] TheMagicArts: Just Like That (NC-17) 9909
Merlin and Arthur have 99 problems, all of which could be solved by talking, but where would the fun be in that?
It's a bit awkward to realize you're in love with your best friend while you're getting married to someone else, but that's exactly what happens to Arthur when he marries Vivian. It doesn't help when Merlin moves across the globe that very night and they lose contact. Now five years later, a recently divorced Arthur has the opportunity to reconnect with Merlin, but will these two idiots talk through their feelings or will they occupy their mouths some other way?
This is your run-of-the-mill Arthur realizes he has feelings too late fic that ends in one of those big dramatic romance movie scenes with some smut along the way.
M/A side by side

EDITION #2473 – October 12, 2021

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a_shot_of_brad: Bradley shares birthday photo from Dublin (11 Oct 2021)

[info]iamstalegormay: them (merlin + arthur)

Fanfic: In Progress
[M/A] Sunfall_of_Ennien: The Thorn And The Rose In The Heart (1/?) (NC-17) 6847
Following a disastrous revelation, Arthur suffers from a mysterious illness. Without Merlin by his side, will the love in his heart be his saving or his doom?

Fanfic: Complete
[M/A] eurydice72: For Eternity (PG) 261
Post-series. Merlin remembers.
[M/A] bunnysworld: Magic them off (NC-17) 441
Merlin spills ink and Arthur has ideas.
[M/A] SlantedKnitting: If I could reach the stars, I’d give them all to you (8/8) (NC-17) 42390
All Prince Arthur wants is one of Gwen’s paintings, the one with two men intimately entwined. It represents everything he can never have.
Then he falls in with Gwen’s group of artist friends, including a photographer, Merlin, and suddenly he has something he never thought possible. But King Uther will never allow it, and even Arthur wavers when he finds out Merlin’s secret.
Now it’s just a matter of keeping their relationship under wraps. Or is it a matter of standing up for what’s right, stepping outside one’s comfort zone, and going after what really matters?
[M/A] timeforgotten: The Ups and Downs of Life (PG-14) 850
Merlin is staring out the window when they wheel Arthur back in.
[M/A] timeforgotten: And it all comes crashing down (G) 693
Arthur had just completed a 72-hour shift when the call came in.
[M/A] allthingsmagical: No Hard Feelings (NR) 2876
After discovering Merlin's secret, Arthur plans, along with his friends to get Merlin the justice he deserves, paying back the one that hurt him most, Arthur's father, Uther.
[M/A] Laura_Sinele: Arthur doesn't want to think about it (PG-13) 1519
All the signs are there, but Arthur doesn't want to believe Merlin has magic. Because if he does...
[M/A] paintedpigeon: Take the fall* (G) 725
Merlin sacrifices himself for Arthur.
[M/A] tsundanire: The Castle - Remix (NC-17) 2603
Merlin can't sleep. Apparently neither can Arthur.
[M/A] litteral_sunshine: Merlin, look at me. (G) 1172
Merlin runs away after word spread of him using magic. Arthur runs after him to calm him down, but Merlin panics more. Eventually, Arthur catches up and has a serious talk with Merlin about how absolutely stunning his magic is.
[M/A] litteral_sunshine: How could the end be happy (G) 1313
Merlin meets Arthur again, after thousands of years.
Their reunion is sweet, tho a bit short-lived.
[M/A] AeonTheDimensionalGirl: It Washes You Away (PG-13) 2677
Running away from bandits, Merlin and Arthur end up in front of the deadliest river in all Albion, and face a hopeless outcome: risk falling into the frozen depths of it, or for their pursuers to kill them.
[M/A] oddishly: listener, up there (PG-13) 3349
The other Arthur doesn't leave. Merlin tries to work out what to do about it.
[M/A] Justalittleobsessed: Let's Do The Time Warp (Hopefully Not Again) (NR) 5389
Gwaine is generally confused about everything that is going on. But it is nothing if not really fucking funny. Merlin, on the other hand, just wants to go back to his NORMAL totally STRESS-FREE life. Hahaha.
[M/A] The_neurodivergent_nerd: Merlin the Musical (G) 13157
*dramatic trailer voice*
After Camelot is cursed by a mad musical wizard the people are forced to sing and dance in an epic display of music and mayhem.
Highlights include:
A spectacular performance of “Be our guest” from George the servant!
A moving show of “Memory” by non other than Camelot’s own Geoffrey of Monmouth!
A heartwarming duet of “Only us” by our favourite straight couple… Gwen and Lancelot!
The king of Camelot himself belting out “Make a man out of you” in the middle of the training field!
Even Merlin gets a go, singing a solo of “Colours of the wind”
And many many more!!
[M/A] nextstopparis: worming your way into my heart (PG-13) 4785
"Oh, my god, you clotpole. A worm. Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
[M/A] P0ssvm: And the Cold Consumed Him* (G) 429
Arthur realizes he can't breathe
He's terrified, he feels the cold brush of air around him, he feels warm hands wrap around him.
But it's not enough.
[M/A] athousandvictories: to buy my love a sword of steel* (NC-17) 7592
Even were they not outnumbered - Arthur's experience is in managing skirmishes. In war, he has facilitated the strategies of more senior commanders, if one is being generous. He has not led campaigns.
The faces Merlin sees around him are appropriately grey. Or perhaps it is only that the fog is veiling them, steaming off the water to spread over the banks of the river and under the feet of the men.
[M/A] Augurey_Ray: Smaller Issues (G) 485
Arthur may have been a mighty warrior, ruler of Camelot, unafraid of anything but gods knew how he’d survive with that reputation if Merlin wasn’t around to fix the smaller issues.
[M/A] TyalanganD: Rearranging Priorities (PG-13) 3727
Merlin just wants to send a parcel. Arthur just wants to do his job.
But it's not that easy, it never is.
[M/A] nsowlwrites97: Breaking Cages (PG-13) 3306
Merlin swallowed. “No, I mean…”
Arthur understood what Merlin was getting at immediately, because at that moment water began pouring out of the spout. Within seconds, it was up to their ankles.
The grate above them made a terrifying amount of sense, suddenly.
[M/A] paintedpigeon: Come back to me (PG-13) 7187
Uther threatens Merlin's life to force his son to obey him. But Arthur isn't about to just let that stand.
[M/A] ArgentSleeper: The Weary World Rejoices (G) 2278
When Gwen was four years old, she met Father Christmas for the first time. When she was twenty-four, she made his Christmas wish come true.
[M/A] Zaharya: Waters Deep (As Your Secrets) (PG-13) 4308
Arthur is aware of everything that happens around him while he's under Sophia's spell – and he learns more than he'd ever have dreamed.
[M/A] MerthurAllure (Kirbymatsu): The Tears of Arthur Pendragon* (G) 389
The story you already know, told through Arthur’s tears. Or, five times Arthur cries and one time he cries happy tears.
[M/A] Camelots_Daffodil: The Way Things Work (PG-13) 6470
Anyone who worked in the palace, or around the palace, knew the rules. They were unspoken, of course, but everyone followed them, servants, knights, and even nobles alike. They were pretty simple, as far as rules go, but adhered too more than many of Camelot’s laws.
The Merlin Rules Go as Follows: Don't hurt him, disrespect him, flirt with him, spread rumours about him, or mention his magic. If you break any of those? Well you'll more than likely find yourself at the mercy of a few knights, the Kings ward, and the King himself.
M/A side by side

EDITION #2470 – OCTOBER 5, 2021

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crash_crash_crash: Merlin Fanfic Rec List

merlin_forever: No Merlin Re-Watch This Week

Alduade (BooperDooper3000): Good Old Fashioned Beating*
Alduade (BooperDooper3000): Merlin Gets a New Hat
Alduade (BooperDooper3000): Silence*
Alduade (BooperDooper3000): The Fall
[info]mariek-artblog: 10 embers x merlin compilation
[info]emofushi: them
[info]tinnnapay: I am back
[info]alex-the-sapphic: Ok quick sneak peak
[info]sourdough-morbread: day 3: vessel

Mergin: [Podfic] The Yuletide Hunt - by Fifty_Fifty

Fanfic: In Progress
[M/A] uuuhmohnoohgod: The Lake (2/?) (NR) 2729
It's been half a year since Morgana has gone missing.
In his grief, Uther sends Arthur on countless search trips, in one of which they happen to come across a frozen lake.
Frozen lakes in winter are unpleasant, especially when one falls into them.
Drama ensues.
[M/A] trashcandrafts: Two Kings (3/?) (PG-13) 3887
Being a servant is *supposed* to be a full-time job. Helping Gaius is a part-time job. Unfortunately Merlin has somehow ended up with the fealty of most magical folk in Albion, and they depend on him as their king, as well. Thus Merlin is terrible at all of his jobs, but nobody quite minds as much as they should.
[M/A] MerthurAllure (Kirbymatsu): You Are A Scar* (1/2) (R) 855
Valiant and his friends find Merlin in the showers and beat him. They leave him bleeding on the cold floor only for Arthur to find him.
[M/A] Earlgreyballerina: You Found Me (1/?) (R) 8952
When Arthur, Gwen, and the knights return to an unfamiliar world, they are faced with an even more unfamiliar Merlin. This Merlin doesn't smile, her laugh no longer dances through the air, and her once-expressive eyes have grown cold, hardened, and distant. She's seen too much in her time spent alone, wandering the world and protecting the land where the kingdoms of Albion once stood. Merlin is tearing herself apart and has been for far too long. All Arthur wants is one chance to put the pieces back together, to say the words he should have been saying to her all along.
[M/A] Earlgreyballerina: Know All of You, as You Know Me (1/?) (R) 2394
Arthur sees a change in Merlin and he isn't sure when exactly it happened. It occurs to the Crown Prince that, perhaps for the first time since they met, that he truly doesn't know his manservant, his closest friend, as well as he always assumed he did. Simply talking to Merlin is out of the question because asking would lead to Merlin discovering the one thing Arthur has been keeping close to his chest: his ever growing feelings towards the man. He enlists the knights to observe, but when someone from Merlin's past shows up in Camelot with ill intent, Arthur sees and hears more than he ever expected. Will Merlin finally let Arthur into his heart? Will Arthur accept Merlin, secrets and all?

Fanfic: Complete
[G] ajsrandom: A System (G) 217
Merlin and Arthur are attacked by bandits. Again.
[M/A] LoverofMidnight: Trust Fall (G) 567
Arthur glanced at Merlin. He could see the stiffness in his limbs, and he wondered for a moment what had Merlin in such a twist. This was supposed to be a chance for them to relax. To just get away from the castle and all the surrounding idiots.
[M/A] Angst_BuriTTo: Dynasty (Someone So Distant)* (PG-13) 1227
Arthur wasn’t supposed to be the one who lived 1500 years waiting for his Warlock to rise again in Albions greatest need. He really wasn’t, and Arthur became aware of that when he set Merlin off to Avalon in a boat bearing his red cloak and Holding Excalibur in his limp, pale hands, crossed together on his stomach.
"I'm sorry."
[M/A] Zaharya: Lancelot's Last Resort (G) 1414
Merlin is determined to sacrifice himself in Arthur's stead, and Lancelot is forced to take drastic measures in an effort to save everyone.
[M/A] Camelots_Daffodil: Until Forever (PG-13) 9333
When Morgana places a curse on Merlin that makes his greatest pain physical, Arthur wonders what it is that makes his manservant's heart hurt. He ponders this and faces some long ago buried feelings by Merlin's bedside (and wrapped around Merlin. For body heat, obviously).
That's a pretty shit summary but it's 2 am. Basically, Merlin gets badly hurt, Arthur gets stressed and protective, and there is friendship, love confessions, cuddling, and maybe a few kisses.
[M/A] babbling_duck: The pizza dilemma (NR) 677
Arthur tries pizza for the first time.
[M/A] TheCourtSorcerer: little assumptions (PG-13) 1975
On his way home, Arthur sees Gwaine out with another man. Thinking Merlin and Gwaine were in a relationship, he's horrified to find out Gwaine is cheating on his best friend.
Now, he's only left with one question. How does he tell Merlin?
[M/A] Essence_Of_Shadows: Carried In Your Arms* (R) 5528
This a combo from the day three ("I've waited for this") and the day four ("Fine, I give up") fictober prompts!
[M/A] Fwufferson: Photos From Stangers (G) 1277
Arthur had a rough morning, but maybe that's about to change. Who knew that late trains could lead to new beginnings.
[M/A] who_said_it18: Numb (3/3) (NC-17) 2285
Merlin doesn't know how she submitted easily. Your most prettier sin.
Here's her name: Amelie Pendragon
[M/A] timeforgotten: Jumping the Gun (PG-13) 948
Gwaine misunderstands.
[M/A] sadlyre: our secret moment (G) 3838
3 times merlin ran his hand through arthur's hair (lets face he has at some point) and one time arthur does something about it
[M/A] Loremaster64: The Other Half* (G) 1817
During the battle of Camlann, Merlin is fatally injured leaving Arthur with a devastating choice: leave his friend behind or let go and join him on the other side?
[M/A] gracegraylove: and the wind will carry my words* (R) 448
Merlin keeps saying I love you to Arthur. Arthur keeps avoiding saying it. Until it’s too late.
[M/A] paintedpigeon: A thousand nights alone (2/2) (G) 4890
Uther locks Merlin up to stop him influencing his son.
[M/A] Zaharya: No Stranger At All* (PG-13) 2853
Gwaine is working off a debt when Cenred's men return with a captured Merlin – and he could hardly just watch and do nothing, right?
[M/A] teachinghimpoetry: Not just a ride (R) 1027
Merlin thinks Arthur only wants to be friends. He tells himself he is fine with this.
After Arthur gives him his first motorbike ride, that all changes.
[M/A] IrisPurpurea: "I need you." (G) 565
There's bandits in the forest.
[M/A] TheCourtSorcerer: a servant's trust (PG-13) 1990
Arthur has a secret he’s guarded his whole life. Maybe, though, he can tell Merlin…
[M/A] stellaisnotamermaid: traits of a good liar (G) 3877
The thing about secrets, of course, is that if nobody expects you to be good at keeping them, nobody expects you to have any.
Sure, you might have an embarrassing story that you'd rather keep quiet about, but doesn't everybody? If you can't keep your mouth closed about the small things, why would you be able to keep a secret when it actually matters?