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EDITION #2297 – SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

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a_shot_of_brad: Playing with fire
a_shot_of_brad: Beautiful new photoshoot picture from Bradley's Instagram & Facebook
a_shot_of_brad:Are You Having A Draft, featuring a very happy Bradley
a_shot_of_brad: AYHAD Listener League zoom session

merlin_holidays: Merlin Holidays 2020 sign ups!
merlin_holidays: Guide: Creating Prompts

[info]aftercamlann: The Crownless King
[info]tamsinuk: Merlin

adazzledim: [PODFIC] August by rageprufrock

Fanfic: In Progress
[M/A] Lady_of_theStars: Merthur Song Drabbles (4/?) (G) 820
The title says it all!

Fanfic: Complete
[M/A] aeris444: First date? (G) 262
Merlin and Arthur's daughter ask a tricky question.
[M/A] tygermine: First Date (G) 586
First dates can be tricky...
[M/A] MediocreServant_aka_SirSimsalot: A Bit of Relief (NC-17) 1324
Arthur opens up to Merlin while he opens Merlin up.
[M/A] Emrys_King: Love Tempers All (G) 182
The press of lips,
the air of spring.
Golden eyes
and a golden King
[M/A] recklessDreamer: How (not) to break a warlock out of the dungeon (G) 3643
When Merlin gets thrown into the dungeon because of his magic he expects some quiet, lonely hours until Arthur is back from a visit to the lower town.
He is not ready, however, for several (ridiculous) breakout attempts by various knights that may or may not go as planned.
And what will Arthur say when he comes back?
[M/A] Merlins_little_sister: Avalonian Nights (NC-17) 6413
>> "Wait!" he shouted after him when he realized that Gwaine hadn't actually told Arthur where they were going. "Where are we going that I need to bring my ID? I'm 28 years old!"
Gwaine stuck his head through the door again. "We’re going to see a show. And now get ready. I’ll tell you everything when we get there." <<
[M/A] LilacsAndLilies: i know you (G) 3764
"I've been in here since almost as soon as you came in." His nonchalant voice only made Merlin feel worse. Arthur had probably already decided his method of death- straight to the pyre. He failed his destiny, failed everyone. "Speaking of which, if you're both going to discuss treason, at least make sure no one else can hear you."
[M/A] thenerdyindividual: For the Love of Camelot (G) 5787
Merlin picks up a staff in the woods one day, and it gives his magic an unimaginable boost. It also comes with a light show. (AKA: 5 times Merlin does a magic girl transformation near Arthur without him noticing, and the one time Arthur notices).
[M/A] Itslynxa: hold me now, if not forever (G) 1382
Merlin goes seeking a method to wake Arthur up that is effective AND does not respond in a negative reaction - but he gets something he doesn't quite expect.
[M/A] BobSaysHelloFromNL: Forest of Old (G) 3422
While travelling through the Forest of Dean, Gwen and Merlin their day gets ruined by a forest fire. Not to mention the appearance of a big prat, running blindly after a mythical fairy Pokémon.
[M/A] Mythmaker: The Crownless King (4/4) (PG-13) 38169
A looming political crisis, a long-standing promise of the Perilous Lands, and emissaries from Brocéliande forest call upon Prince (Regent) Arthur to respond with some kind of diplomacy while his father languishes and Morgana’s former schemes cast long shadows. In order to learn about their new allies (and potential enemies), Merlin is tasked to impersonate a minor Lord in a foreign court.
Apparently other people don’t think this is an insane idea.
[M/A] Shamelessly_Radiant: to the victor, the spoils (G) 1265
There's an old tradition in Camelot: the newest inhabitant of the castle must kiss the victor of the yearly tournament. Merlin is informed of this by a smug prat who only introduces himself as Arthur-no-last-name. But oh well, he'll take his chances. What are the odds that this random man will win?
(High, as it turns out- since it turns out that Arthur is Arthur Pendragon as in, the bloody Crown Prince of Camelot. And he's set his sights on Merlin.)
[M/A] Merlioske, Sunfall_of_Ennien: abracadabra alakazam one blink and a switch one blink and it's a mess~ (PG-13) 2497
all Merlin wanted, all he was /trying/ to do, was to find a way to get Arthur, his King, his one true love, some meat out of season. (he knew how his man loved hunting okay?)
what he got instead of a few wild boars, however, was... well.
and also, what the hell is up with all these frills???
[M/A] InterPlanetaryGirl: Bonnie Banks (PG-13) 5008
“If I could do anything, it would be to give you this life. But I cannot give you up to this life.”
“I would not take this life without you, Arthur, you know that. You are my King, and I am loyal to you. But there is nobody’s side I would rather be at than yours, even if you were to banish me.”
“You are my most Beloved, I could never send you away.”
“And I could never leave without you. I do not know what I will do if one day I were forced to live without you. I would do everything to keep you.”
[M/A] heartsocold: Watch you breathe in, watch you breathing out (G) 3194
Arthur falls asleep first and Merlin spends a long time watching him breathe before he closes his eyes, allowing Arthur’s steady breaths and beating heart to lull him to sleep. He’ll wake up screaming and crying in a few hours but he knows his fiancee will be there so it’ll be okay.
[M/A] KatieComma, Orianess: A Force of Nature (G) 4228
Arthur doesn't die.
Merlin won't let him.
[M/A] storiestold: Cardigan (PG-13) 1488
fem!Arthur and Merlin. Life continues on for Merlin and Arcelia after the battle of Camlann. Arcelia survives, due to luck and Merlin's magic. One day Merlin is in for the surprise of his life when they dine together in Camelot's gardens.
[M/A] VioletBlue: Merlin in the Woods (MC-17) 1231
In which Merlin is stripped, loaded onto Arthur’s horse, and whisked into the woods to be thoroughly debauched by his lord.
[M/A] tehfanglyfish: “What The Hell Did You Do?!” (PG-13) 2018
To save Arthur from an angry mob, a panicked Merlin casts a shrinking spell. In the aftermath, secrets are revealed and a priestess is annoyed.
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